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About us

An open, honest solution that will make a world of difference.
"As founder of FONA, the following values are my motivations as I believe that sustainable organic farming methods are the only way forward. I have developed the FONA platform (with much help!) so that growers, processors and retailers alike have access to an affordable, simple and innovative platform that will see your organic endeavours give you a healthy return whilst making a well needed difference to our backyard, and the world."

Before pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics, synthetic hormones and genetically modified food was developed, the practice of organic farming was the rule, and not the exception.

As generations evolve, we look back to this practice and realise that nature does in fact produce for us what we need, in the exact quantities and at the right time of year to ensure our bodies, environments and livelihoods thrive.

We don't need to scientifically or chemically alter the production of our food, as Mother Nature got it right the first time.

With the evolution of commercial farming, sprawling and rapidly expanding populations and centralised and monopolistic methods of wholesale, a widening gap appears. We need a new distribution method that respects the diversity and capabilities of our growers, the adaptability and foresight of our processors and retailers, and the educated choices and desires of our customers.

Fair Organic Network Australia's aim is to respect and empower the grower, processor, retailer and customer through a new generation of organic distribution.

To book a consultation to see if FONA is right for your business, please contact us at info@fona.com.au or call 0447 201 002.